Our Global Admins

Roshan handles our Globle MEME community. He is community manager at AURORA and mostly involved in Near Ecosystem projects such as Myriad social, Debios, Reality chain.

Zubair handles our Globle meme community. Zubair is a Social Media Manager & Marketer. he has been creating memes since long & contributing in NEAR by various ways as community builder or marketer.

Our Regional Admins

Jami handles our Philippines MEME community. Jami is a self-taught artist Willing to learn new things.

Aman handles our Indian(Hindi) MEME community. Aman is a Junior Graphic Designer, Social Media Specialist and an integral part of our MEME community.

Luis handles our Spanish MEME community. Luis is a crypto enthusiast and  social media expert who is willing to new things daily.

Our Active Memers